Castle Combe

14 - 15/07/2018 Castle Combe

Castle Combe

As with many British circuits, Castle Combe began life as an RAF airfield, built during World War Two as a training ground. It opened in 1941, with its perimeter road (now the race track) being laid around the grass runways in April 1943. One of the post-war landowners, Katherine Gorst, was married to chief designer for Frazer Nash Cars and the engine development man at Bristol Cars, so it was perhaps inevitable that the perimeter road was quickly identified as being suitable for motor racing. The first event, organised by the family and the Bristol Motorcycle and Light Car Club, took place in July 1950.


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The circuit is 5 miles west of Chippenham on the B4039, half a mile from the village of Castle Combe.


Castle Combe Circuit, Castle Combe, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 7EY


1.85 miles

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