Dan Lloyd and WestCoast Racing receive 2018 trophies

Dan Lloyd and WestCoast Racing receive 2018 trophies

At the annual BRSCC awards presentation evening held last weekend, Daniel Lloyd was presented with the 2018 TCR UK Drivers’ trophy while the Teams’ award went to WestCoast Racing.

Dan clinched the Drivers’ title when he won the season’s penultimate race at Donington Park in October, beating Ollie Taylor to become the first-ever TCR UK Champion. Ollie was away skiing last weekend and so missed the opportunity to pick up his second-place trophy, although Andreas Bäckman was able to attend to collect his award for finishing the season in third place.

Jessica Bäckman finished the season in fourth place in the standings and also attended the evening to see her brother collect the Teams’ trophy on behalf of WestCoast Racing. A series of strong performances by all three drivers, including a total of nine race victories between Dan and Andreas, helped WestCoast to secure the Teams’ title with one race meeting in hand. 

Andreas and Jessica have already announced that they plan to step up to the TCR Europe series this year, while Dan is close to making an announcement about his plans for 2019.

Dan Lloyd commented: “It’s been a really good evening. This has been my first time at the BRSCC Awards and it’s been such a well-run evening. All of the TCR UK trophies looked amazing and had plenty of positive feedback.

“It’s a great way to celebrate an amazing year. Well done to WestCoast Racing on a fantastic year – our plans are looking positive for this year and we’re hoping to announce something soon.”

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