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Racing Car

A racing car is any car that has been modified in some way to participate in races or motorsport competitions.

The modifications to which these cars are subjected will vary depending on the type of competition itself, but in any case, they will never be cars that can be used on public roads.

They will typically have to be subject to changes or modifications to be used as regular cars. Still, racing cars can be found on the second-hand market.

To clarify, motorsport refers to any competition with cars, usually racing, although not always.

Types of racing cars

There are as many types of racing cars as there are races, practically, since each race has requirements for its vehicles. Even so, we can make a small classification:

  • On the one hand, we have rally competitions and racing or drag racing circuits. Standard or sports cars are used in these modalities, and the modifications concerning the classic models will be very few. Each type of competition will have its rules, including the changes the car must, can or cannot carry.
  • On the other hand, we would have competitions like Formula 1, where cars that differ more from the usual passenger cars are used. They are tiny cars built from light materials, such as carbon fibre.
  • Cars called sports prototypes are used for other speed competitions, such as the Le Mans Series. They are similar to single-seater vehicles but can seat up to 2 people and have some different parts.
  • We can also highlight the silhouettes, which look like street cars but have certain elements, such as the modified engine or chassis; therefore, their off-road use is prohibited. A competition that uses silhouettes is NASCAR, for example.
  • The well-known Karts, for their part, are used in karting races.

Known names on the registration list

Twenty-six drivers are confirmed for the season that is about to start this weekend in Marrakech. They include names of old acquaintances from these competitions and big stars such as Yvan Muller, Gabriele Tarquini, Rob Huff, Tom Coronel, and Tiago Monteiro.

Pepe Oriola also returned to the front line of action after his project in the WTCC was cut short due to a lack of financial resources, and he was forced to begin a new journey in the TCR. The Catalan will compete alongside the Campos Racing team with a CUPRA TCR, which he knows well from past seasons.

Without a doubt, we will have to closely monitor the progression of this new championship, where the fights on the track should provide an extra boost compared to other single-seater competitions such as Formula 1 and Formula E.

Supercars V8

This is the most popular championship in Australia, but in addition to its homeland, it also takes place in New Zealand. Currently, 11 teams are represented in the tournament, and only two manufacturers are represented: Ford and Holden. Just five years ago, Nissan, Mercedes, and Volvo were in the game, but without factory support, they, unfortunately, left the game.

Generally, like all touring championships, it is distinguished by the density of results and intense competition. You can also watch it on A21 Network.

There is no game dedicated only to this championship, but you can always try out cars from it in iRacing, Forza Motorsport, GRID, Gran Turismo 6 and many other racing games. Well, you can join the 2002 V8 Challenge.…