The Countdown to the 2024 TCR UK Touring Car Championship

With just 36 days remaining until the roar of engines and the thrill of racing return to the tracks, the anticipation for the 2024 TCR UK Touring Car Championship is reaching a fever pitch. This year’s championship is shaping up to be a spectacular event, especially with the debut of Mauger Motorsport.

Mauger Motorsport Joins the Fray

Mauger Motorsport, under the leadership of Simon Mauger, is all set to make its mark in the 2024 TCR UK Touring Car Championship. Running a CUPRA TCR, eligible for the Gen 1 Cup, the team is embarking on an exciting journey from their rich experience in various motorsport series within the UK Motorsport Arena.

The Team and Its Journey

Simon Mauger, a successful rally driver turned team principal, has played a pivotal role in this transition to circuit racing. His experience and vision are key drivers in Mauger Motorsport’s entry into TCR UK. Last year, Simon competed in the BRSCC SuperSport Trophy in a Vauxhall VX220, adding to his impressive motorsport resume.

Strategy and Vision

Mauger Motorsport isn’t just about competing; it’s about nurturing talent and providing opportunities. Simon’s approach is focused on supporting young drivers climbing the touring car ladder or assisting customers eager to make a successful debut in TCR UK. Testing the CUPRA TCR has been a decisive factor in joining the championship.

Welcoming New Entrants

The championship promoter, Stewart Lines, expressed excitement over Mauger Motorsport’s entry. This addition is seen as a testament to the championship’s growing appeal and sustainability.

The Fan’s Perspective

Aidan Coleman, a long-standing enthusiast of the sport, shares his excitement and insights regarding the championship and Mauger Motorsport’s entrance. “As someone who’s followed touring car racing for years, I’m thrilled about Mauger Motorsport stepping into the 2024 TCR UK Touring Car Championship,” says Coleman. “Their decision to run a CUPRA TCR, especially in the Gen 1 Cup, adds a new dimension to the competition. Simon Mauger’s transition from rallying to circuit racing, coupled with his vision for nurturing young talents, really speaks to the dynamic evolution of the championship. The excitement is not just about the racing; it’s about witnessing a new team bringing fresh strategies and perspectives to the track. I’m eager to see how Mauger Motorsport will shake things up this season.” Coleman’s sentiments reflect the enthusiasm of many fans who eagerly anticipate the fresh energy and competitive spirit new teams like Mauger Motorsport bring to the championship.

Looking Ahead

As the countdown continues, the 2024 TCR UK Touring Car Championship is poised to be a thrilling event. Mauger Motorsport’s debut adds an exciting layer to the competition, showcasing the diverse talent and strategies that make touring car racing a beloved sport.


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